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An Epidemic in this Country and around the World: False Allegations of physical, sexual and psychological abuse

 An Epidemic in this Country and around the World: False Allegations of             
 physical, sexual and psychological abuse
by  Joan T. Kloth-Zanard, RSS, LC


There is an epidemic in this country and around the world of people filing
 false allegations of abuse, including filing false allegations of PAS.
 PAS is real, but when someone tries to abuse the system and file a false
 allegation of it, it is the same as filing a false allegation of physical
 or sexual abuse. The people filing these false allegations are no better
 than the people who have truly committed these crimes. In both cases,
 they have destroyed the lives of innocent people.

 But who is actually to blame for all these false allegations? Is it the
 person filing it, or their ruthless attorney, who tells them that the only
 way to win everything in a divorce and custody case is to claim that they
 were abused or that PAS is being used. When an attorney says to his
 client, “So did your ex ever touch you inappropriately? ” Well, hell, they
 are married, how else would they have sex and be intimate? When an
 attorney says, “So did your ex ever hit you, even accidentally?” Well,
 hell, things happen by mistake, but to take that and twist it into abuse
 is an entirely wrong, let alone unethical. Why are these attorneys’s
 allowed to lie and deceive just to win a case? This should be illegal
 with serious charges including disbarment. These attorney’s will stop at
 nothing to win a case, even if it means destroying innocent lives,
 including the children’s. And worse, some of these attorney’s are so
 unscrupulous that they will create high conflict in a divorce just to ensure that they
 have a huge money making case.

 So how do I fit into this mix. I have spent more than 12 years working
 with true victims of Parental Alienation Syndrome, so when I am called
 about a case of false allegations of PAS, my skin starts to prickle and my
 insides turn inside out. PAS is real, but to abuse it and file false
 allegations helps no one and instead actually damages the situation for
 the true victims. It is much like filing a false allegation of sexual or
physical abuse. It takes time, money, and resources away from the true
abuse victims while making a mockery of the seriousness of this type of
 abuse. This is NOT okay.

 Recently, I was called to work with a woman who was falsely accused of
 PAS. After hearing her story, and what her husband, her husband’s
 attorney and her attorney’s did, it was quite apparent that this was part
 of the good ol’ boys network and the father went right along with it. If
 there had truly been PAS going on, then why did the mother insist that her
 son have a relationship with his father, even going as far as to make
 expensive arrangements for them to spend time together? In addition, if
 the father truly felt he was being alienated, then why did the father
 allow his attorney to get the courts to award him all of his sons
 possessions, including his car? A truly alienated father would never have
 taken this from his son, especially not his car, because then how would
 his son ever come to visit him on his own? And a truly alienated father
 would have made sure that his son’s possessions remained his possessions
 and not taken them for

 Furthermore, in this case, it is quite apparent that the judge and
 attorney’s were in cahoots. They would not even let the mother have her
 due time to present her case, let alone her witnesses. Neither the
 attorney’s nor the judge had any solid evidence of Parental Alienation
 Syndrome tactics going on, except to say that once the son’s personal
 belongings were taken from him and the son and his mother were sent into
 financial ruin, unable to support themselves, that the son hated his
 father. Yet, the mother never stopped encouraging a relationship between
 the two. She never badmouthed the father to the son. So how is this
 parental alienation?

 In addition, it seems that when this divorce started, there was no issue
 of custody or division of property. It only became an issue when the two
 attorneys got together and decided they were not making enough money on
 this simple divorce case. So they through a monkey wrench into it and
 told the courts that there was a custody issue that never existed. But
 despite both parents trying to rectify this situation, somewhere along the
 line, the father got dragged into the drama of these attorney’s and their
 game and became a willing participant, including absconding with his own
 son’s belongings.

 This is NOT okay. This is not helping families. This is making a mockery
 of our courts and the system that is supposed to protect the true victims
 of abuse. Serious charges should be filed against all of these attorney’s
 and the judge for their misconduct and unethical behavior.

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