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Parenting Education & Parent Resources

January 29, 2010

 Please see Dr. Warshak, author of Divorce Poison

Breakthrough Parenting

Conscious Co-Parenting Institute (addresses Parental Alienation)

All About the Children

All About The Children is the premier web enabled divorce communications management tool for couples with children.

Children in the Middle (May be taken in privacy of your own home)  controlled outcome research outcomes

Parenting After Divorce

Up to Parents:  A free, confidential, and interactive website
for divorcing and divorced parents

When Parents Hurt

Our Family Wizard  

Our Family Wizard Page

The OurFamilyWizard website is an online custody calendar and information manager that allows you to easily schedule and track parenting time, share important family information and expenses as well as create clear communication.

Mr. Custody Coach

Whether you are just now beginning the journey through divorce, custody agreements, child support, and dealing with an ex-spouse who isn’t thrilled with you, or you’ve been dealing with these issues for years with no break, Mr Custody Coach and our team are here to help you get the most time with your children, stop the harassment, and move on with your life




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