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April 25th Parental Alienation Awarness Day

According to the Parental Alienation Awareness Organization…”These behaviors whether verbal or non-verbal, cause a child to be mentally manipulated or bullied into believing a loving parent is the cause of all their problems, and/or the enemy, to be feared, hated, disrespected and/or avoided”

As noted by Mike Jeffries author of  A Family’s Heartbreak: A Parent’s Introduction to Parental Alienation , “Contrary to what many damaged people and zealous advocates on the web would have you believe, parental alienation is not another name for pedophilia. Parental alienation is also not a legal strategy designed to allow an abusive parent to continue beating up on the kids. Finally, parental alienation is not the latest get-rich-quick-scheme from consultants and authors who are often accused of trying make money off the backs of people who are at their most financially vulnerable. ”

Parental Alienation is emotional abuse . It is not a “made up theory.” It is instead, a real tragedy. It often occurs in the context of high conflict divorces. Many are aware of the high divorce rates. In a perfect world, coulpes would divorce on good terms. They would refrain from badmouthing in front of the child, or within an earshot of the child and instead, find a friend or therapist. In many cases, one parent did not want the divorce. They are lonely, bitter and desire revenge. Sometimes, the parent does not have intent and in some cases Parental Alienation is clearly a well thought out plan. As a consequence of the parent’s  pain, he or she cannot see his or her child’s pain. Contrary to what some believe ; Parental Alienation does not consist of physical or sexual abuse. It is not a tactic.  Parental Alienation restricts the child from receiving love from both parents. The consequences are listless behavior, self-loathing, anxiety, depression and low self- esteem The results, without intervention, are often  life long consequences that may be manifested as poor social  adjustment, divorces, guilt, shame and an array of other intra and inter personal problems— Monika Logan

“Though it might seem an obvious point, not everyone agrees that a child’s unreasonable denigration and rejection of a parent should be considered an abnormal development worthy of professional attention. One author believes it is possible that parental alienation is a normal part of growing up . She argued that we have no basis for regarding parental alienation as abnormal because we lack normative data from intact and low-conflict divorced families, i.e., we lack research on the prevalence of this phenomenon. The position that it might be normal for children to be alienated from their parents is inconsistent with the scientific literature. It overlooks research on children’s adjustment in divorced families and on healthy parent-child relations in intact families.” Dr. Richard Warshak 2001

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